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GIS of Ore Deposits (2010-2011)

A GIS for a known Gold-polymetallic deposit has been developed from historical geological and adit sampling maps that existed in geological fund for Marjan deposit. Existing paper maps were digitized into a single geodatabase, MS Access database was developed from reports and compiled into one ArcGIS project. Custom applications have beed developed to show drill-hole data and bore-pit/trench drawings from ArcGIS Project.

Environmental Assessment of 15 Communities Located on Hrazdan River (2010)

The primary aim of the project is to promote sustainable improvement of water quality and quantity of Hrazdan river through assessment of hazards located near Hrazdan river, land use and water use planning and implementation of active nature protection activities among population of the relevant communities.


Assessment of Disaster Risk in Communities of Goris Region in Armenia (2009)

A complex assessment of risks in the communities of Goris region have been carried out. As a result, risks from the following natural hazards were assessed and mapped:

- Flood,

- Mudflow,

- Landslide,

- Strong winds,

- Spring frosts,

- Hails,

- Droughts


Assessment of Risk from Floods, Mudflows and Landslides in Lori and Tavush regions from Armena (2008)

Assessment of risks from floods, mudflows and landslides have been carried out in more than 130 communities of Lori and Tavush marzes. A disaster risk profile for each community has been developed, along with maps and recommendations to improve the situation.

Field survey in 140 communities of Lori and Tavush regions. Processing of data collected in the field and development of risk assessment maps for each community.

Classification of Water Resources and Setting of Environmental Objectives for River Planning (2007-2008)

Within the framework of USAID Program for Institutional and Regulatory Strengthening of Water Management in Armenia, Geocom ltd implemented a subcontract for “Classification of Water Resources and Setting of Goals for River Basin Planning” (2007-2008). The aim of the Project is classification of river basins and water bodies in accordance with EU Water Framework Directive and National Water Program of RA. This is a pilot Project and is being implemented on Meghri River Basin. During the first stage of the Project, geographic, demographic, hazard- related, water use and land use data has been collected for calculation of water balance in Meghri River basin. The development of river flow model and calculation of water and water economic balance has been completed and may be used for simulation of catastrophic discharges.


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