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View of a digitized geological map in ArcGIS environment

Custom application to view drill-hole data in ArcGIS environment



Historical geological and adit sampling maps that existed in geological fund of Armenia for Marjan deposit were digitized into single geodatabase and compiled into one ArcGIS project. At the same time assay data was organized into an MS Access database and linked to GIS for analysis. Custom applications have beed developed to show drill-hole data and bore-pit/trench drawings from ArcGIS Project. Custom application can also be used as a standalone application for viewing drill-hole data. Digitized adit samplings were exported to excel file for further analysis in specialized mining software

Each map is organized as a feature dataset, which can be separately viewed as one map.

The approach used for this project can be applied to any existing deposit, since it allows for quick search and view of any mapped data within a singele GIS environment.



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