Dear Colleagues!

“Environmental Research and GIS Center NGO” is pleased to invite young researchers, PhD students and university students to take part in 3rd International Conference on GIS and Remote Sensing in Armenia , which will take place on November 17-19, 2014 in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia.

Working languages of the conference are Armenian, Russian and English.

Main Thematic Areas

  • GIS in Geology
  • GIS for Environmental Protection
  • GIS for Management of Water Resources
  • GIS for Assessment and Efficient Management of Natural Resources
  • GIS for Assessment and Mapping of Man-made and Natural Hazards
  • GIS in Agriculture
  • GIS for Sustainable Development
  • GIS for Transport and Logistics
  • GIS in Public Health
  • GIS in Biology
  • Processing and analysis of Remotely Sensed data
  • GNSS and its applications

Proceedings of the conference may be downloaded here

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