Since 1992 Geocom, ltd is committed to providing up-to-date GIS solutions to state and local authorities, international organizations, as well as for private businesses in Armenia.

Team of Geocom, ltd. consists of experienced GIS developers as well as technicians, who have been working in this area for more than 10 years.

Our Services include:

- Development of customized GIS applications based on ESRI software (ArcGIS 9.x, ArcView 3.x),

- Development of standalone GIS applications based on client's requirements,

- Raster to vector conversion; operator-assisted tracking, manual digitizing, post-vectorizing data cleaning and normalization, coordinate system conversion, rubber-stretching,

- Processing of satellite imagery, such as pre-processing, orthorectification and classification of satellite imagery,

- Development of web-based GIS applications based on Proprietary and Open-Source Technologies

- Loading of data into GPS receivers.

- Development of Thematic Maps for different types of activities

- Consulting services (Management of water resources, assessment of risks from natural disasters, geological mapping, environmental mapping)

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